Get Involved

What can I do?

Four things each person can do is:

Eat less meat

or cut meat out of your diet all together. This is not only helpful to animals, but it has a positive impact on human health and the environment.


Both are located in North Carolina, and their missions are aligned. They are dedicated to providing life-long individualized medical care, healing, companionship, and love for the animals they share land with.


Follow them on social media and share their posts. We realize that not everyone has the means to donate money, but one free thing anyone can do is to follow the social media of both Sisu and Blind Spot. The more positive imagery we see, the more compassion and empathy we put out into the world which makes it a kinder place for all of us.

Support CAF

The Culture and Animals Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to “advancing animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression.” Picturing Pigs is made possible through the generosity of a 2023 Creativity Grant from Culture and Animals foundation. You can read more about their advocacy and the variety of inspiring work that they support here.

Where can I get to know a pig in NC?