Iris and Brianne are bonded sisters. They came to Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary in July 2022 along with four piglets...

Their billboard appears in Duplin County heading westbound near the I-40 exit 384.

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Picturing Pigs Doc Trailer from Camden Watts on Vimeo.

Daisy came to Sisu Refuge in 2019 as part of a cruelty case. Daisy is an older pig, which is remarkable considering most pigs are slaughtered before the age of 2...

Daisy's billboard appears in Sampson County on I-40 heading westbound, at the mile marker 353.

Read more about her here

Picturing Pigs is a photographic advocacy project dedicated to depicting pigs in a positive manner. We began with two billboards of happy pigs on I-40 in Duplin and Sampson counties—the two counties with the highest pork production in the USA.

In these locations hogs outnumber the human population by 29:1, however you will likely never see a pig at all.

They are hidden away in large-scale factory farms where their social, mental, emotional, and physical needs are ignored as their bodies are fattened up in preparation for humans to consume as pork. By showing rescued pigs as individuals who are complex sentient creatures full of love, we hope to offer a pig aesthetic that highlights the beautiful souls who are victims of industrial agriculture.

Instead of showing the reality of the majority of pigs in the area, we call attention to the lucky few who are able to live the full extent of their life and express themselves as individuals. We hope this work gives pause to anyone who consumes meat, not out of guilt, but out of love and compassion. With positive imagery, we hope that ultimately leads us to a kinder world.